Visitors Centre Mušov – Gateway to the Roman Empire

Welcome to the website of the Visitors Centre Mušov – Gateway to the Roman Empire!

Come and visit places, where the famous Roman legionaries of Emperor Marcus Aurelius camped almost 2000 years ago. The visitors centre at the foot of the archaeological site and cultural monument Hradisko near Mušov was built for you and is operated and maintained by the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. The project is funded by the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The theme and scenario of the Visitors Centre were developed by Balázs Komoróczy, head of the Research Centre for the Roman Period and the Migration Period, Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. The archaeological content was prepared by all team members from the research centre, whose scientific and popularisation activities are presented on the website The author of the architectural design of the building and the general designer was Ing. arch. Jan Snášel from the architectural design studio Livingstav Ltd, and the general contractor was the company Moravská stavební unie – MSU Ltd.

The multimedia presentations as well as traditional showcases with archaeological finds, which are placed in the modern building of the Visitors Centre, are used to elucidate the historical context of the origins and development of a Roman fortress on the hill Hradisko near Mušov and archaeological evidence of the Roman presence on our territory. A tour around the Visitors Centre will give you a better insight into the period, in which Roman legions have penetrated to the southern part of Moravia and the local Germanic territory of the Marcomanni tribe was about to become part of the Roman Empire. You will find here a wide spectrum of presentation forms, including attractive films, holographic projection, reconstruction of a legionary, and various thematic games.

From the Visitors Centre you can go to the educational trail „Mušov – Gateway to the Roman Empire“, which will take you to places of the most significant archaeological discoveries on Hradisko. Then you can continue with another educational trail „Germans at the gates of the Roman Empire“, leading to the site of the famous princely tomb of Mušov and to an extensive Germanic settlement from the Roman Era at the edge of present-day Pasohlávky.

Come on and follow with us the footpath of the Tenth Legion, leading to places where many important historical events may have taken place!