The landscape flooded with sunlight, composed of moderate hills and river valleys with wild vegetation of riparian forests, dominated by a monumental panorama of shiny white limestone rocks of the Pavlov Hills, has always been a hospitable home to various human communities. Archaeological excavations, which have been carried out here for almost hundred years already, bring to light new and often very unique evidence of the life and burials of various cultures and ethnical groups, who inhabited and modified this landscape from the end of the last Ice Age until the Middle Ages.

View of the village Pasohlávky from the southwest

The village of Pasohlávky, whose cadastre now also includes the territory of what was once the village of Mušov, is entirely unique as regards the volume and quality of archaeological sites and finds discovered, and many of these relics are of all-European significance. No matter in which part of this territory you are moving about – whether in the built-up area, in the recreation area, or on the shore of the reservoir – everywhere you are surrounded by traces of former inhabitants.

View of the village Pasohlávky from the northwest. The hill on the horizon is Hradisko near Mušov.

The village of Pasohlávky and its inhabitants proudly subscribe to this rich historic legacy, appreciate it and try to care for it properly. The significance and uniqueness of some relics enable at the same time to complement continuously the archaeological mosaic of the past by scientific research. Mainly the long-term excavations by the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno in the region enriched our cultural heritage by extraordinarily significant movable and immovable archaeological relics. You can see many of them in our visitor centre as well.

Landscape under Pálava before and after the construction of Nové Mlýny reservoirs

The village of Mušov and its surroundings at the time of the floods before the construction of water reservoirs

River Svratka by Mušov in historical photography

Archaeological sites in the area of today's Nové Mlýny reservoirs