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Selection of educational programmes

Notice: The offer of specific types of educational programs will be specified in the near future.

From September 2020 we offer educational programmes intended for children from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Our playful and interactive educational programmes, which are taking place both indoors and outdoors of the Visitors Centre, will make the children familiar with selected topics in the field of archaeology of the Romans and archaeology of the Roman Period not only in Mušov.

Performance days of educational programmes:

January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December – TUESDAY TO FRIDAY

July, August – edicational programmes do not take place


For reasons of space and staff capacity of the Visitors Centre it is impossible to carry out two educational programmes or an educational programme and a guided tour simultaneously! Educational programmes are guided by teachers, who obtain clear instructions and scenario from the staff.

Programme duration

The duration of an educational programme indoors is 90 to 120 minutes and it also comprises a tour of the exhibition. It is necessary to reserve some extra time for educational programmes combined with outdoor activities (ca. 60–90 minutes more). The pre-arranged duration of an educational programme in the interior of the Visitors Centre cannot be exceeded. Therefore always make sure you reserve enough time for your activities in the Centre, so that you can enjoy your stay here to the utmost, with no stress.

During the programme you can make photographs and video recordings, which will be used to promote the educational programmes on the internet and on social networks, see GDPR.